Book Cover Detail from “Look Out For Pirates!”, 1961.

Hint: If you ever see this book in a thrift store or such, grab it! 


Japanese Book Cover: Pure Data Recipe Book. smbetsmb. 2012


Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace


Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

"Cosmicomics" by Italo Calvino

Highly recommended reading, if only for the short story “The Distance of the Moon”. 

This collection is often labelled as science fiction, but the writing goes beyond that: Calvino manages to find the beauty and art within science itself. Building fables around each scientific theory allows the reader to experience the universe in ways that we typically don’t associate with mathematics or physics. Calvino personifies the many elements of our world and treats them with an emotional delicacy that only he had the skill to pull off. This budding emotional attachment to numbers and variables helps to bring them all to life - Not an easy task.

5/5 stars


Tolkien’s Smaug illustration is still my favourite.


I’d rather teen girls reading nothing but terribly written fanfics about their favorite OTPs that express healthy and emotionally-sound romantic relationships than “great literature” that teaches them they are prizes to be won or creatures to be controlled or destroyed. 

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Marc Martin (ill.), Readings

I grew up reading a generation of American and English people like [Saul] Bellow, [John] Updike or [Martin] Amis. Everybody’s neutral unless they’re black — then you hear about it: the black man, the black woman, the black person. Of course, if you happen to be black the world doesn’t look that way to you. I just wanted to try and create perhaps a sense of alienation and otherness in this person, the white reader, to remind them that they are not neutral to other people.
Zadie Smith, discussing how she never mentions the race of any of the characters in her new novel, NW, unless they are white. (via theraconteurasaurus)

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"Journey into Tomorrow" 1953


We’re absolutely in LOVE with these new contemporary covers for seven of our favourite Judy Blume novels, all designed and illustrated by the incredible inkygirl. What do you think?

Read about the inspiration behind the new look!

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Laughter is wine for the soul -
Laughter soft, or loud and deep,
Tinged through with seriousness - the
Hilarious declaration made by man
That life is worth living.
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The Satin Satellite by George Loft


The Satin Satellite by George Loft

New Year’s Resolutions



  1. Get my 5k time under 30 minutes
  2. Complete the 50 Book Challenge
  3. Finish that quilt
  4. Hike more - Climb at least 3 more firetowers
  5. Make a valiant effort to edit my novel

1. 5k completed in 29:50!